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Kiah moreya

Your Future Virtual Assistant & Partner in Digital Marketing Excellence 

Brown Sands
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I'm Kiah.

I'm a former e-commerce business owner, copywriter, and certified digital marketer. I launched my herbal tea company in May 2020, at the start of COVID with zero experience as a business owner. At the time, I felt my strong background in hospitality management and restaurant operations would translate beautifully into the world of e-commerce. I quickly learned that in order to be successful, I would have to master website design, social media marketing, ad and email copy, graphic design, and every single minute aspect of business ownership.

After years of trial and error, wasted dollars on poorly developed ads, being banned from Meta for promoting prohibited products, and numerous other unforeseen challenges, I finally figured out how to create a profitable, value-based business. 

I also discovered I love supporting fellow business owners with the information I was able to learn. 

   Being a business owner is unbelievably hard. When I say I know exactly how you feel firsthand, I mean it. Because of this, I am able to help new and existing business owners achieve their professional goals by operating in a remote, supportive role on an as-needed basis.

I love seeing entrepreneurs win and will go the extra mile to use the insight and expertise I have gained over the years to assist you in achieving your wildest business goals!

Kiah Moreya

Kiah Moreya

Kiah Moreya

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