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Kiah Moreya Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Pricing by the hour and packages
Lead Generation

One-time set-up fee for new clients.

We recommend a minimum of $50 per month for each service. 

Set Up Fee

Prices vary but start at $0.65 per lead for Site ID and $1.99 per lead for Search ID, depending on the industry.

Please reach out today to book a call and discuss your options. 

All services include a complimentary discovery call.

Getting a solid understanding of your needs and how I can help is a key part of my process.

Open and effective communication will be the foundation and ongoing theme of our partnership.

All of our calls will be followed up with an overview of what was discussed.

Pricing Options & FAQ's 

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By The Hour


- 4-hour minimum

- 2 VA Tasks
- Complimentary 30 min

Discovery Call

Website Design


- Opening price for simple website

- SEO, social media integration, welcome email opt-in sequence automation

-Photo resizing and editing

-Shopify, WiX, Ionos

-Complimentary Discovery Call

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant service for?

I offer a concierge-style service that will help anyone in need of admin support and assistance or help with their digital marketing strategies and execution. I work with a variety of clients and organizations, from single-person companies to medium-sized organizations.

How can I ensure my information will remain private and secure?

Making sure my clients are protected is of the highest importance to me. Upon agreement of terms for your project, an NDA or Confidentiality agreement will be signed along with a service contract and payment agreement. Our privacy policy is in the footer of each webpage as well. If you require a specific document from your organization to be signed, I will happily do so. 

How am I able to communicate with you throughout the project?

I am available via WhatsApp or chat support during business hours and respond to emails all day and night. I definitely do not need to be babysat to complete any tasks, however, I am open to communication and can provide updates or ETA's as needed! I understand your business is your baby and totally relate to needing to know what's going on in order to meet your deadlines. You can feel confident that working with me means having a true partner who is invested in seeing you succeed and will work diligently to ensure you are more than happy with my service.


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Service Plans

    My standard hourly rate is $45 per hour, which applies to projects ranging from 1 to 15 hours.


     For those looking to book extended support and maximize savings, I offer a special rate of $40 per hour when you book a service-tiered package for 15 to 30 hours at a time.

This allows you to access my expertise at a discounted rate while ensuring you have dedicated assistance for your more extensive projects.


     I believe in providing quality service that aligns with your budget and project requirements. Whether you need short-term support or have longer-term projects in mind, I am here to accommodate your needs.


    Contact me today to discuss your project and find the perfect pricing plan for you.


Tier 2 


-Unlimited agreed-upon tasks

-Weekly or monthly

-Includes complimentary discovery call

Tier 1


-Up to 3 tasks

- Weekly or monthly

-Includes complimentary discovery call

Tier 3 


-Unlimited agreed-upon tasks

-Weekly or monthly

-Includes complimentary discovery call

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